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Bakery Blend 420

Description and Composition
Ramsen Bakery Blend 420 is a blend of miik protein, whey proteins, soybean protein and lactose. The product has a clean nutty smell and mild dairy flavor. Ramsen Bakery Blend is designed especially for replacement of non-fat dried milk in bakery formulations. This product supplies dairy proteins and soy proteins and isoflavones to your bakery recipes in a convenient form. Bakery products made with this product display good loaf volume, finer grain and softer internal structure and improves the appearance of bread by a rich, more appealing crust.

Approximate Laboratory Analysis
Crude Protein (6.38) 27%
Minerals 7.0%
Moisture 5.5%
Lactose 48%
Isoflavines --

Points In Evaluation of the Product

  • Produces bakery product with good loaf volume.
  • Excellent absorption qualities.
  • Lump free, uniform composition, color and appearance.
  • Recommended usage is the same as present usage of non-fat dry milk.
  • Improves the appearance of bread by a rich, more appealing crust.
  • Economical to use resulting in lower ingredient costs.
  • Develops a finer grain and softer internal structure to bread.
  • Improves shelf life of bread because of its emulsifying properties.
  • Adds isoflavones to bakery products. Isoflavones have been approved by the FDA for health claims linked to intake of soy protein such as easing symptoms of menopause; lower cholesterol levels, preventing heart disease and some cancers.
  • 50 Lb. Polyethylene-lined multi-wall paper bags.
Potential Outlets
  • Bakery and powdered mix applications
  • Bakery Supply Companies.
Nutritional Information      (Amount per 100 g. dry powder)
Calories367Total Fat (g)1.4Saturated Fat (g)0.6
Calories from Fat13Cholesterol (mg)15Total Carbohydrate (g)59
Sugars (g) 53Vitamin A (l.U.)0Calcium (mg)546
Sodium (mg)615Dietary Fiber (g)6Protein (9g)27
Vitamin C(mg)0Iron (mg) 2.8 

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