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All Dairy 72% Creamer

Description and Composition
Ramsen All Dairy 72% Creamer is a high fat level, dry powder composed entirely of dairy ingredients - dairy cream, milk protein and lactose. This product can be used in any product where all dairy ingredients and a dry form of fat is needed. The dry form of fat is advantageous when making dry mixes or where having cream or butter for processing in difficult either due to mixing problems or storage problems. This product is a very consistent, uniform light colored powder.

Approximate Laboratory Analysis
Crude Protein (6.38) 9.5%
Moisture 2.0%
Lactose 14.5%
Food Grade Kosher

Points In Evaluation of the Product

  • Source of emulsified fat without having to use liquid fat equipment and it's associated mess &fuss.
  • Convenient storage of dry product.
  • Lump Free, uniform composition, and appearance- Can be mixed with dry or wet ingredients.
  • All dairy ingredients.
  • 50 Lb. Polyethylene-lined multi-wall paper bags.
Potential Outlets
  • Bakeries and Bakery supply companies.
  • Manufacturers of dry food mixes and snack foods.
  • Coffee creamer manufacturers.
Nutritional Information      (Amount per 100 g. dry powder)
Calories712Total Fat (g)72Saturated Fat (g)44
Calories from Fat648Cholesterol (mg)188Total Carbohydrate (g)13.1
Sugars (g) Lactose13Vitamin A (l.U.)0Calcium (mg)315
Sodium (mg)146Dietary Fiber (g)0Protein (9g)9
Vitamin C(mg)0Iron (mg) 0.4 

Certificates of Analysis are available for all orders.

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