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Calcium Caseinate

Description and Composition
Calcium caseinate is produced by ultra-filtration of milk and the removal of most of the fat, minerals, lactose and whey proteins. This product has excellent emulsion properties and holds water very well. The high protein levels increase the nutrient density in the final product. Calcium caseinate thickens liquids to less of a degree than sodium Caseinate. This product is better suited in liquid nutritional supplements. Caseinates are used extensively in coffee creamers and dry fats as emulsifying agents.

Approximate Laboratory Analysis
Crude Protein (6.38) 89.4%
Minerals 3.9%
Moisture 4.9%
Lactose .02%
pH (5% Sol. 20°C) 6.8
Calcium 1.35%
Standard Plate Count 1000 Max
Sediment  A

Points In Evaluation of the Product

  • Provides a high quality milk protein.
  • Forms a stable fat emulsions.
  • Lump free, uniform composition, and appearance- can be mixed with dry or wet ingredients.
  • Has mild flavor compared to other protein.
  • Holds water very well, has thickening properties.
  • Source of nutritional calcium.
  • 25 kg. polyethylene-lined multi-wall paper bags.
Potential Outlets
  • Protein fortified beverages including dry mixes.
  • Special dietary preparations.
  • Manufacturers of creamers and emulsified fats and oils.
Nutritional Information      (Amount per 100 g. dry powder)
Calories368Total Fat (g)1.1Saturated Fat (g)0.6
Calories from Fat10Cholesterol (mg)20Total Carbohydrate (g)0.3
Sugars (g) Lactose0.2Vitamin A (l.U.)0Calcium (mg)1350
Sodium (mg)20Dietary Fiber (g)0Protein (9g)89
Vitamin C(mg)0Iron (mg) 6  

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