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Dri-Sweet 36 Corn Syrup Solids

Description and Composition
Dri-Sweet 36 Corn Syrup Solids is corn syrup with the moisture removed down to 3.5%. The physical appearance is white powder with a bland, slightly sweet taste. The Dextrose Equivalent (DE) is 36%.

Approximate Laboratory Analysis
Crude Protein (6.38) 0.04%
Moisture 3.5%
Iron 2 ppm
SO2 30 ppm
pH (50% solution) 5.0
Dextrose 13.6%
Maltose 11.3% Max
Trisaccharides 9.8%
Higher Saccharides 61.8%
Bulk Density Loose 38Lbs/cu. Ft
Bulk Density Packed 46Lbs/cu. Ft.
Granulation - % Retained on:  
20 Mesh 0
50 Mesh 0
100 Mesh 10
140 Mesh 18
200 Mesh 18
325 Mesh 30
Thru 325 Mesh 24

Points In Evaluation of the Product

  • Provides a convenient sweetener.
  • 50 Lb. Polyethylene lined multi-wall paper bags.
Potential Outlets
  • Manufacturers of bakery and snack foods, sausage and jerky, and condiments, dressings and sauces.
Nutritional Information      (Amount per 100 g. dry powder)
Calories384Total Fat (g)0Saturated Fat (g)0
Calories from Fat0Cholesterol (mg)0Total Carbohydrate (g)96
Sugars (g) 25Vitamin A (l.U.)0Calcium (mg)6
Sodium (mg)1Dietary Fiber (g)0Protein (9g)0.04
Vitamin C(mg)0Iron (mg) 3 

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