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Edible Lactose

Description and Composition
Lactose is produced by ultra-filtration of cheese whey. The protein, fat, and milk minerals are separated from the whey to produce lactose. This product is white to cream colored. Various granulations are available from fine powders to fine granules.

Approximate Laboratory Analysis
Crude Protein (6.38) 0.1%
Minerals 0%
Moisture 2.0%
Lactose 97.9%

Points in Evaluation of the Product

  • Economical and approved milk solids source for ice cream and ice milk at a maximum of 25% of solids- not-fat of the formula.
  • Used extensively in foods and feeds for it's moderate sweetening value. Reduce sucrose by 1 Lb. For every 6 Lbs. of lactose to maintain same sweetness.
  • Lump free, uniform composition, and appearance- Can be mixed with dry or wet ingredients.
  • Has mild, sweet dairy flavor.


  • 50 Lb. Polyethylene lined multi-wall paper bags.
  • 25 Kg. Polyethylene lined multi-wall paper bags.
  • Bulk Totes available.

Potential Outlets

  • Low fat, skim milk, chocolate milk and buttermilk manufacturers.
  • Yogurt, creamed cottage cheese dressing and fruit flavored drink manufacturers.
Formulation Aids

Low fat & Skim Milk 9 Lbs Lactose & 9 Lbs nonfat dry milk per 100 gal. Before pasteurization, add direct to holding tank or make 10 strength concentrate and add to holding tank
Chocolate Drink 9 Lbs Lactose per 100 gal. 1) Cut fat to legal minimum for economy.
2) Add lactose with other powders prior to pasteurizations.
3) Reduce sucrose 1 lb for each 6 lbs lactose to maintain sweetness.
Buttermilk 4 Lbs Lactose per 100 gal. Add prior to pasteurization.
Yogurt 10 Lbs Lactose per 100 gal. Add prior to pasteurization to enhance culture and "brighten" final flavor.
Creamed Cottage Cheese Dressing 27 Lbs Lactose per 100 gal. Add to cream prior to pasteurization.
Fruit Flavored Drinks 27 Lbs Lactose per 100 gal. Add to water with other ingredients. Lactose use will allow reduction of up to 105 on fruit concentration.

Nutritional Information      (Amount per 100 g. dry powder)
Calories441Total Fat (g)0Saturated Fat (g)0
Calories from Fat0Cholesterol (mg)0Total Carbohydrate (g)98
Sugars (g) 98Vitamin A (l.U.)0Calcium (mg)0
Sodium (mg)0Dietary Fiber (g)0Protein (9g)0
Vitamin C(mg)0Iron (mg) 0 

Certificates of Analysis are available for all orders.

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