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Sweet Cream Dried Buttermilk

Description and Composition
Sweet cream buttermilk is the product obtained from the removal of water from the liquid derived from the manufacture of sweet cream butter. Sweet cream buttermilk contains lactose, milk proteins, whey proteins, milk minerals and butterfat. Special care is taken to pasteurize the liquid buttermilk prior to drying.

This product contains more than 30% crude protein (6.38 basis) (typical is 34%) and contains more than 4.5% butterfat (typical 7.0%). The product has a clean dairy smell and mild flavor. Buttermilk adds butterfat to your mixes enhancing flavor. Many flavors are fat-soluble and disperse into the butterfat. Butterfat has the unique characteristic of melting at body temperature (i.e. melts in your mouth) releasing the held flavors. Less flavor can be used in the formulations without sacrificing flavor intensity. Butterfat also contributes to dough pliability, rise of leavened products, flakiness, strength and airiness of products.

Approximate Laboratory Analysis
Crude Protein (6.38) 32-34%
Minerals 8.0%
Moisture 3.5%
Lactose 48%
Standard Plate Count 10,000 Max
Sediment A, Disc Available

Points In Evaluation of the Product

  • Made from liquid buttermilk resulting from the manufacture of sweet cream butter to which no preservative or other chemical has been added.
  • Proven for use by bakers to enhance the flavor and aroma of bread as welt as deepening the grain to more closely resemble home baked bread.
  • Lump free, uniform composition, color and appearance- Can be mixed with dry or wet ingredients.
  • Improves rise and flavor of pancake and waffle dry mixes.
  • Has a high dairy solids content.
  • Has natural stabilizing properties for use in ice cream or ice milk products. Contains a minimum 4.5% butterfat reducing the amount of cream needed in a formula.
  • 50 Lb. Polyethylene-lined multi-wall paper bags.
  • 25 Kg Polyethylene-lined multi-wall paper bags.
Potential Outlets
  • Bakery applications especially pancake, bread, waffle, biscuit makers.
  • Bakery Supply Companies.
  • Manufacturers of ice cream, ice milk,
Nutritional Information      (Amount per 100 g. dry powder)
Calories432Total Fat (g)7Saturated Fat (g)5
Calories from Fat63Cholesterol (mg)140Total Carbohydrate (g)48
Sugars (g) Lactose 48Vitamin A (l.U.)350Calcium (mg)1300
Sodium (mg)500Dietary Fiber (g)0Protein (9g)34
Vitamin C(mg)0Iron (mg) .6 

Certificates of Analysis are available for all orders.

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