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Cheese and butter commodities are traded daily and prices indicated below are "End-of-Day" quotes from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. All other prices are average prices (per pound) over a weekly basis.

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Current Dairy Prices

March 1, 2024

Commodity Type Current Price Last Week's Avg Price
Cheese Block $1.5500 $1.5940
Cheese Barrel $1.6500 $1.5940
Butter Grade AA $2.7575 $2.8015
Nonfat Dry Milk Extra Grade $1.1975 $1.1910

Dry Products Price Summary
February 29, 2024

Commodity Type This Week's Avg Price
Nonfat Dry Milk Central and East (Low/Medium Heat) 1.1975
Nonfat Dry Milk Central and East (High Heat) 1.3475
Nonfat Dry Milk West (Low/Medium Heat) 1.2050
Nonfat Dry Milk West (High Heat) 1.3838
Buttermilk Powder Central and East 1.1250
Buttermilk Powder West 1.1700
Whey Powder Central 0.4500
Whey Powder West 0.5075
Whey Powder Northeast 0.4988
Animal Feed Whey Central (Milk Replacer) 0.3600
Lactose Central and West 0.2675
Whey Protein Concentrate Central and West 1.0625
Whole Milk National 2.1000
Casein Rennet 3.7500
Casein Acid 3.8500

All prices are provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture

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